Portable Weighbridge

Toltec certified weighbridge
The Toltec certified weighbridge consists of two separate units that are transported to either the farm where the silage is being harvested, or at the farm where the silage is being stacked. They are set up together and can weigh a complete truck and its load up to 40 tonnes. The weighbridge is connected to an indicator that records the individual truck weights, along with time and date, to give a complete record of every load that has been weighed. This information is downloaded to a computer and the results printed out for both the buyer and the seller.

Weighing your silage is vey important, it eliminates any guesswork in what is being harvested, our records show that trucks can vary over 20% over a day’s harvesting, even with the most experienced operator.

Portable Weighbridge 1
Portable Weighbridge 2