A high starch forage. Alkalage is made from mature cereal crops that are processed through a small grains processor fitted to the forage harvester, and preserved using a patented urea based pellet.

After harvesting our first alkalage crops in 2010, we have a good understanding of the crop requirements and harvesting methods that will deliver the high quality feed that top farmers are looking for. Our long experience with cereal silage has shown the need for crops to be harvested at a later stage of the grain development to deliver the feed quality potential that cereal crops have. Alkalage is a cereal based feed that is preserved by the addition of "Home'N'Dry" pellets at a rate of 25-40 kg per tonne of fresh weight of the crop and they are dispersed evenly throughout the stack. Now with the assistance of the pellet importers, Winslow Feeds, we can provide the technical knowledge and advice that will give you the best results.

Alkalage 1
Alkalage 2